K9s For Warriors Community Events

Regiment Gaming

REGIMENT is a military oriented community intent on providing a place for those who have served and continue to serve to find more online battle buddies. Cut from the same cloth, we will ensure that no one is left to feel alone, deserted, or weak. Regiment also helps support causes that ring close to our hearts through charities and events. We have your six.

Roughly 90% of their service dogs come from shelters or are owner-surrendered. Instead of a life of abandonment or euthanasia, they are given a new purpose. With each graduate pair, we save two lives; we rescue the dog, and the dog rescues the warrior.

These dogs help our Nations returning heroes cope with service related injuries such as, PTSD, TBI and aides the fight against Veteran suicide.

22 a day is 22 too many...

Together, we can make a differece!

One Team, One Fight!

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