K9s For Warriors Community Events

In Memory of Bob Johanson

Where to have donations made was not something that Bob and I had discussed before his death.  I began thinking about his inerests and what he would want and that lead me to K9s For Warriors.  Bob and I have been lifelong avid golfers.  As K9s For Warriors was founded by a golf family, the Duvals, I have read many articles about this organization and this seemed to be a natural fit.

Bob proudly served as an officer in the Air Force and felt that it is important to support our service men and women.

Last but not least, people who knew Bob knew how much he loved animals especially our 4 year old goldendoodle, Molly.  

We hope that donations to K9s For Warriors will make someones life easier.  

K9s' Mission:  K9s For Warriors is ending veteran suicide and returning our Warriors to a life of dignity and independence. We rescue and train shelter dogs to be paired as Service Dogs for Warriors with service-connected Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Military Sexual Trauma.
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