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2021 Volunteer Fundraising Challenge

For the end of 2021, let's do something amazing. LET'S NAME A KENNEL!!!
$25,000 sponsorship, divided by 580 active volunteers, equals $43.10 each. Can you raise $43 in 90 days?
Our goal is to have YOU VOLUNTEERS raise enough money to sponsor a kennel & dog run for the Mega Kennel!

Volunteers Can:

-Host an event here at The Shari Duval Campus. Yes! At our National HQ! Volunteers can host their event(s) right here in the Warrior Clubhouse OR the Chartrand Warrior Resource Center. All guests/donors welcome!

-Host your own fundraising event(s) with friends, family, colleagues & potential donors. These events could be at your home, office, neighborhood, block party, cul-de-sac, etc.

-Host online campaigns utilizing your social media contacts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, your work contacts, etc.
If we can achieve the goal of $25k, you'll be able to name a dog kennel & outside run! Naming ideas and options will be submitted and voted on when the goal has been achieved.

-Highest earner will receive an Official K9s For Warriors embroidered jacket (yes, the ones staff wear!) & a very special, private lunch with a guest.

-Second highest earner will receive a gift card & a very special, private lunch with a guest.

-Third highest earner will receive a very special, private lunch with a guest.

-Top earners will also have exclusive access & behind the scenes tours of the Mega Kennel under construction. You'll get to see where your kennel is!

Now to be clear, top earners do not need to raise $25k themselves. The $25k goal will be collectively raised by EVERYONE. This is a team effort! If everyone participates, that's only $43 per person!

I know we can do this, team! The Mega Kennel is coming up right before our very eyes & this is YOUR chance to name a piece of it. Name a piece of the largest service dog organization...in the NATION. Let's do it!!!
Please direct all questions regarding the 2021 Volunteer Fundraising Challenge to jacob@k9sforwarriors.org or (904) 686-1956 x183

Jacob Williams
Volunteer Program Manager

Determined to end veteran suicide, K9s For Warriors provides highly-trained Service Dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma. With the majority of dogs coming from high-kill rescue shelters, this innovative program allows the K9/Warrior team to build an unwavering bond that facilitates their collective healing and recovery.
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If you are a member of this team and would like to customize this page with a special message or team photo, please contact us and we can designate you as the team captain.