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Cody Terpko's Birthday Wish 2021

The Story of Cody Eric Terpko, A true Patriot loved by many.

On October 4 2018 around 7am in the morning Cody created a Facebook post for people to help support K9s For Warriors as his Birthday Wish, instead of gifts for him. Our son was a very humble young man and set a very modest goal.  On October 9, 2018 at aprox 6am on a rainy soupy foggy morning headed to work on one of Washington States worst Highways, Cody was in a horrible accident wich caused him to have traumatic head injury, Cody lost his fight a week and a day later On October 17, 2018 which was his 34th Birthday. During that week in the hospital we got the word out about Cody's wish and he ended up raising well over $3000.00 for his Birthday Wish.

K9s For Warriors ran a beutiful piece in their October News letter and honored Cody at the K9s graduation that following week.  Cody's Mother, Brother & Myself decided we would Honor Cody's Memory by continuing his Birthday Wish indefinitely.

If you knew our son & brother and his selfless acts throughout his life, his ability to love people and accept people unconditionally was amazing, as a father to a son he taught me so much more and made me a better man. Although we could not save Cody, he would be honored and proud by how many others we can save in his name with a Beautiful Birthday Wish.

We as the family of Cody are proud to support this great orginazation on behalf of Our Son & Brother, Cody's wish was simple, meaningful and long lasting. We will continue to give in hope that others may live as we go forward and process our own loss we recognize the importence of these orginazations the feeling of helping Honor Cody with his wish also helps us heal seeing & feeling what toll this takes on a family From his Grandparents to his friends we can only hope the lives saved through K9 For Warriors and other orginization like this gives hope to those families who are able bring their loved one home.

Forever in our Hearts, We Love You Cody

Mom, Casey & Dad


With the majority of dogs coming from high-kill rescue shelters, this innovative program allows the K9/Warrior team to build an unwavering bond that facilitates their collective healing and recovery.


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